Madagascar Must-See Places During Your Travels


Madagascar Must-See Places During Your Travels

Most people would be hard-pressed to find the African island of Madagascar on a map, though they probably remember the animated movie. All that will change once you set foot in this incredible land, known for having the most diverse ecosystem on the planet. It is called the “eighth continent” because it truly is a world of its own. Not sure what to plan on when visiting Madagascar? Here are the things you should make sure go on your itinerary.

1. Royal Hill of Ambohimanga
For 500 years, this place has been revered as the most sacred spot in the land. This historical village is where the royals called home. The village wall that surrounds it wasn’t built until 1847 though. Now a UNESCO World Heritage site, you can catch the artifacts and get an interesting perspective on this culture.

2. Ranomafana National Park
Brimming with quiet streams winding around brilliant green hills, Ranomafana National Park is one of the most popular in all of Madagascar. It’s a stunning slice of natural heaven, plus a place where you have the chance to see the extremely rare, endangered golden bamboo lemur. It’s a must for anyone that adores animals.

3. Masoala National Park
Check out the rainforest and marine parks, all located in Masoala National Park. If you’re looking for more lemurs, you’ll find them here with 10 different species plus a variety of birds and reptiles. Want more action than animal-watching? You can snorkel or kayak at Ifaho, Ambodilaitry, or Tampolo.

4. Avenue of the Baobabs
If you want to be humbled by nature and history in one fell swoop, visit the Avenue of the Baobabs. These trees are very popular on the main continent and in Madagascar too

, but here on the avenue, these trees have been standing for 800 years.

5. Andasibe-Mantadia
Close to Madagascar’s capital city of Antananarivo, this national park has the largest lemur species in the country. Called the Indri, you can take guided tours to find them as well as explore the gorgeous terrain.

6. Nosy Be
A small island off the island, Nosy Be is one of the biggest tourist attractions for Madagascar. With quiet and calm beaches, it is the ideal place to stick your toes in the sand an do nothing but connect with yourself and the earth. Or you can get out there and explore too with plenty of snorkeling, diving, and nature opportunities. Additionally, Nosy Be is home to many restaurants, an ideal place to steal away for romance.

7. Île Sainte-Marie
Lastly, let’s not forget the pirate history of Madagascar. It was a popular port for the pirates back in the 17th and 18th centuries and today, you can find the wreckage of some of the ships. Head to Baie Des Forbans to get a perfect view. You can also snorkel here and look for the wreckages under water or spot humpback whales if you’re visiting during summer and early fall.

Madagascar is an island for the adventurous, but isn’t that the point of a vacation? Take yourself out of your element and submerge yourself in the sublime island culture you’ll find in beautiful Madagascar.

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